Lanay Lynch Financial Wellness & Life Coach

"I want every woman to know her voice has the power to change the world.""I want every woman to know her voice has the power to change the world.""I want every woman to know her voice has the power to change the world.""I want every woman to know her voice has the power to change the world."

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Let's Talk Goals & Finances...

Lanay Lynch is an experienced Finance Professional. With over 18 years of experience,  and a degree in accounting. She is also a certified Life Coach.  While identifying and crushing her very own goals over the years while being a mom and a wife, Lanay became passionate about helping others break the cycle of "I can't". 

Her disarming approach, listening ear and industry expertise has allowed her to help many individuals over come their fears, and accomplish their goals both personal and financial. Whether  it's balancing your check book, setting your goals, paying your bills on time,  establishing credit, repairing credit, consolidating your debt, saving for your kid(s) college tuition, or saving  for a rainy day. 

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Let me help you reach your financial goals. You invest in staying healthy, why not invest in your financial future?

Do you want to have funds for a rainy day? Pay off debt? Boost your credit score? Qualify for a credit card? Qualify for a loan? Purchase a home? Get better interest rates? Contact us today to find out how you can get the new car, home or dream vacation you have always wanted. Achieving financial freedom is not an easy task. Let Lanay Lynch provide you with the tools you need to succeed. 


Renaissance Dream is here to help you reach your financial goals.

Lanay is passionate about financial and personal wellness and is committed to educating you on the process and providing you with the tools you need to continue to financially thrive for many years to come. 


Why saving is important?


How to save?

Have you been denied for a credit card or loan? Are you ready to have heathy credit? Take action!


I have seen many individuals buy into the myth of a perfect credit score. Truth is, there is more to credit than just a score. 

Student loans seem to be a never ending battle?


Have you deferred your student loans only to find out you now owe more than you did before? Stop the cycle of recycling your student loans.

Tips for a balanced life...


  • Practice gratitude daily
  •  Make time for self-care
  • Get 8 hours of sleep each night

Lanay Recommend's

Daily Prayer
Daily meditation

  • Practice daily prayer and meditation
  • Express gratitude daily 
  • Always have a budget
  • Live within or below your means
  • Turn your dreams to to goals
  • Smile often

Crush your goals


Take action today!

How can I repair my credit?


How can I qualify for a mortgage loan?


Saving money


Sometimes we know we need to crate a More effective plan, but are not sure how. We can Provide you with a strategic savings blueprin.

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