About Renaissance Dream

"If you Dream It, you can Achieve It!"

While we place a great deal of emphasis on Financial Wellness, we realize there is more to life than having good finances. We believe in helping individuals achieve overall wellness, and equipping them with the tools they need to be thriving, productive and successful members of society.  

Renaissance Dream, LLC & The Community

 Lanay Lynch cares about more than just finances. She commits herself to establishing partnerships between organizations, churches, local businesses, community leaders and government entities for the greater purpose of education and empowerment in finances and personal wellness. While sharing the tools to reach personal goals and benchmarks in the area of savings, financial planning, credit management, and individual wellness. Empowering individuals to take action today! 

"Changing lives one Vision to Decision at a time"

In a collective effort with the community, I am determined to commit to the long term process of assisting individuals on their journey to thrive and make their mark in the world.

"Visions In The City" Tour

Lanay Lynch travels from state to state teaching financial lietracy and womens empowerment through goal setting, meditation and transparency.

Lanay Lynch has cultivated a brand of financial and personal empowerment. Her business model is  based on the concept if your finances are not in order, it will most likely have an adverse affect on  your emotional, mental and physical wellness. 

While it is wonderful to have visions, we must also be empowered to make decisions.  Join us on our journey to ”Vision & Decision”.

Lanay Lynch ~

Founder of Renaissance Dream a Financial Wellness and Women Empowerment Organization